In our company, all employees and sales associates are valued and respected.
How do we reinforce this culture so they feel our commitment?

It starts with accepting the inescapable fact that, as humans, each and every one of us is biased. Why is this? Our brains use bias to organize the vast amounts of information we are constantly exposed to, so we form assumptions that we are often unaware of. Understanding this very human quality is essential to reinforcing a culture of value and respect.

Minority Professionals Group

An example of this is our Minority Professionals Group. This group’s mission is to foster an inclusive culture within Fox & Roach/Trident so that every person has the opportunity to realize their full potential by creating awareness and understanding, and providing professional development, mentoring and professional networking opportunities.

Monthly Forums

Our Monthly Forums provide an opportunity for all of us to learn more about how we experience diversity in a safe, non-judgement space. Our sales associates and employees gather to express their feelings and learn from one another. Often, a guest speaker will share their own life experiences.


Our company reinforces its DEI goals in internal communications and personal interactions with employees and sales associates, so we nurture a universal culture committed to a supportive and equitable work environment. DEI is a consideration in everything we do no matter how large or small.